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Choosing the proper font might help your design look even better. Most projects that require a handwritten typeface use calligraphy fonts. Many designers have provided their personal fonts, which you can use for your projects. These font selections can help you make your project more creative. Seo company Dubai provides fonts according to your choice.


Glarious calligraphy is ideal for a variety of applications, including invitations, logotypes, clothes, branding, and packaging. It includes both upper- and lower-case open-type calligraphy with hefty strokes and a flaring touch. If you need the calligraphy with all of the characters, you will have to pay $16.


This font, with its faint vintage feel, will transport you back to the Middle Ages, when people wrote with wide nibbed pens. Though it has an old-school touch, it will be ideal for your retro project. You may get this black letter display font for free.


Kokok Studio’s modern elegance calligraphy features powerful strokes and expressive upper- and lower-case characters. For only $8, you can easily obtain the advanced version of this bright and amusing handwritten font in high resolution.


This more relaxed-looking typeface is suitable for invites, personal branding, social media posts, commercials, product designs, labels, watermarks, and a variety of other applications. It was produced by Subtype Studio. This loose handwritten typeface with leisurely flowing characters is available in a free version that includes upper and lower case letters, symbols, and punctuation, as well as all of the accented characters you may require.

Baseya Jalai

Alif Quentin, the author of this calligraphy font, describes it as full of energy. It is a light and fresh handwritten typeface that will inspire numerous projects due to its romantic nature. You could utilize this fantastically tall and thin typeface for greeting cards, tale titles, or documentary titles. For $12, you can acquire the full licensed version, which includes the complete set of glyphs as well as bonuses with various flourishes.

The Doctor:

The renowned and unintelligible handwriting of a doctor undoubtedly motivated the designer. This font’s loose and attractive flow makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including signatures, headings, covers, branding, invitations, labels, posters, logos, quotes, product packaging, headers, goods, social media, greeting cards, and many more. You can grab the free version, which includes capital, lowercase, and symbols.

Seo company dubai