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Post-pandemic Era: A Shift from Physical Office to Home Office

The COVID-19 outbreak prompted the entire world, including Dubai, to close their physical workplaces, forcing everyone to work from home. It was then that people realized how simple and undervalued work-from-home opportunities are.

As soon as the social distancing limitations were lifted and Dubai residents resumed their normal lives, they realized they were hesitant to return to their physical offices; instead, most people now prefer to work from home or in a hybrid working environment. The paradigm shift in working style is not the only alteration that has been observed and experienced; most people have established a home office to simulate an office environment at home.

Dubai is also the world’s fastest-growing business hub, and in order to continue growing, it has implemented policies that encourage people to work without having a real office in the city. The ‘Freelance Permit’ and ‘e-commerce license’ are just a few entrances to working in Dubai without a physical office; these initiatives have also piqued the interest of many locals and foreigners, who have adapted to this new style of working and established a home-office setup.

Here’s everything you need to know about home offices!

How do you build a home office in Dubai?
Are you concerned about developing a working area in your current house and unsure about the location to choose? Well, we’ve got your back! Professional renovators like us, Primex, understand just how to assist you in this area.

To begin, you must decide whether you want to renovate home and create an office area within it, or if you want to expand your home and build a separate room for this purpose. An extension will increase your home’s square footage and provide enough space to establish an aesthetically pleasing home office. However, you can also create a home office by modifying your existing space without altering your house’s overall size. All you need to do is contact a reputable renovation firm, such as Primex.

To increase your productivity, think about what motivates you to work hard. Do you favor dark, cozy locations or nice, clean, bright, and well-organized settings? , Does a sense of novelty benefit your brain processes and creativity, or do you focus better in a modernistic, serious environment? Answering these questions will lead you down the right path.

1. Home Office Space and Position:

Choose a place in your home with the fewest distractions; it might be away from the children’s room or the living room to avoid clutter and noise from interrupting you. When selecting a location for your workstation or desk, make sure it is well-lit and ventilated. If you have a good view outside the window, it is best to position your desk near it so you can take a break by moving your focus.

2. Home Office Furniture:

Nowadays, there are many home office furniture solutions that are not showy and can be used in smaller spaces, such as homes and apartments. Wooden furniture in light monochromatic colors, or evergreen workstations with genuine wood polish, are popular. Shelves, seats, and 1- or 2-seater sofas in light-colored textiles with textures provide structure to your home office.

3) Lighting:

It is crucial to operate in a setting with suitable illumination, ensuring that the glare from direct sunlight does not harm your eyes. Good lighting can help you focus and think clearly. To make your home office more environmentally friendly, consider adding sustainable lighting. A classic wooden or aluminum standing lamp adds character to the decor.

4) Storage:

Organizing your work documents and notes saves you valuable time and effort. Primex’s trained interior designers create bespoke storage drawers and wardrobes that complement the aesthetics of your space while also improving practicality.

In the post-pandemic era, there has been a shift from physical to home offices.

Setting up your home office requires preparation, design, and labor; yet, with today’s expanding needs, we must adapt to the new work-from-home period. Primex is your best bet for building your own home office in Dubai. Call us to schedule a consultation.We provides many services such as bathroom renovation in dubai

Home renovation in dubai